Auction Remarketing

Auction Remarketing 

After the vehicle is repossessed and we have keys, we want to help you transition that ‘metal to money’ as quickly and efficiently as possible.    We sell repossessed cars at a large independent auction here in Indianapolis every week for a large number of our customers. We can get the repossession titles on your collateral and can also have the units professionally detailed prior to sale. A presale report will be provided to you, detailing the condition of your vehicle, a market analysis of the current state of auctions and a general estimate for what the vehicle should bring at auction. Have a floor price on your unit that you want to make sure you get at auction? No problem! Let us know prior to the sale and if it sells for more that that amount….SOLD! If it is less, we work with the auction to negotiate up to your floor price. We handle all the negotiations for you and will advise you with any bids that your vehicles bring. Again, Lenders Recovery wants to be your one stop shop for all your collateral recovery needs!

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